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Jenchi Wu
Art & Ceramics
Los Angeles ceramic artist Jenchi Wu believes that central to the role of ceramics as a contemporary art form is the thought process one
instills in their work – whether it is a functional vessel or a conceptual art installation.  Jenchi Wu's art challenges and provokes people to
look at ceramics in a different way.  She presents the medium in a way that challenges people's expectations and preconceptions.  
Jenchi's work endeavors to demonstrate how external forces such as inertia and gravity affect the medium, as well how the work affects
the environment and the very space it occupies.

Jenchi Wu leads the sculpture and ceramics program at Ventura College where classes range from hand-building, wheel throwing,
functional pottery, glaze techniques, mold making, casting, conceptual art, sculpture and installations.  Students learn various firing
techniques including salt firing, wood firing, raku and charcoal firing.

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